Discounts and advantages in parking lots

Professional Parking Card

Mitjançant un conveni amb l’Ajuntament de Barcelona, els col·legiats/des  podeu aparcar a les àrees verdes, excepte les d'ús exclusiu per a veïns, amb un preu especial de 2,50 €/h. i descompte del 25% als aparcaments soterranis de la xarxa B:SM. El conveni és exclusiu per al col·lectiu d’agents comercials i part dels professionals sanitaris, sectors que depenen del cotxe per treballar diàriament.  

La targeta és de prepagament, amb un saldo de 50€ i la pots comprar a les oficines del Col·legi.  

Xarxa aparcaments B:SM

Núñez i Navarro Parking Lots

Through an agreement with the Intercol·legial Association, of which COACB is a member, the associated commercial agents can park in the center of Barcelona, Sabadell and Reus with discounts.

  • 10% of direct discount on the hourly rotation rate
  • Up to 50% discount on subscriptions

Ubicació d'aparcaments de rotació

SABA Parking Lots

Discount of 7% on the minutes rate, 15% for new subscriptions in any type of subscription and up to 60% on Tempo hour tickets (packs of 10 units).

In addition, you can buy night tiquets *(packs of 25 units) with special prices of 0.25€/hour in stays between 20h and 7h.

*Excluded parking lots: CosomoCaixa; Illa Diagonal; Airports and train stations.


Parking Badge

It is given by the Association so that you can put it on your vehicle identifying you as an active commercial agent. This badge is delivered once a year and only one for each member, it must be collected in person at COACB's offices, or sent by post. The badge is processed free of charge and is issued immediately.

Note: it does not exempt from the imposition of penalties, but it leaves a record of the situation in which the associates commecial agent is absent for a maximum period of 15 minutes, allowing the agent to respect this time limit in green and blue areas.