We demand to legislate e-commerce to avoid unfair competition and that they pay taxes wherever they want
According to statements by the president of the COACB, Ricard Penas

The president of the COACB, Ricard Penas, has called on the different administrations to legislate electronic commerce to avoid unfair competition.

In an interview with Europa Press, Penas explained that the pandemic has accelerated the penetration of e-commerce and that 50% of commercial agents have already noticed an impact at work in more than 30% of sales.

"It is a scary issue. It must be regulated in order to set a guideline for the future", he said and added that an analysis of how to apply this regulation must be done.

For him, "the free market is very good but if you don't set a game stage, you don't know where the limits are", and he regrets that these limits do not exist in electronic commerce. He has criticized that companies "tax where they want" and that they can use this advantage as a business tool to increase product margins.

Ricard Penas has also demanded that the Barcelona council differentiate between professional mobility and private mobility. "It's not the same." In addition, he assured that the professionals must have specific treatment that facilitates their mobility within the city, since "they are doing a job that the city needs".

Regarding the group of self-employed people, Penas regretted that the commercial agents have not felt accompanied by the administrations in recent years and assured that the work in the sector is very hard. He has demanded that the administrations help the self-employed, since they are "a very important taxpayer for the State" that has very few counterparties.

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