The Association of Commercial Agents of Barcelona (COACB) is a public corporation with legal personality, created in 1926 and protected by the Law of Professional Associations. With its extensive trajectory, it has become a reference for the commercial profession in Catalonia. The scope of COACB is Barcelona and its province (with the exception of Terrassa and Sabadell).


Represent the profession and protect collective interests, as well as adapt the profession to the needs of society and be present in the creation of regulations within its scope.


Regulate the profession and connect companies with qualified and certified member commercial agents who act with rigor, ethics, and under a code of ethics.


Commitment to the profession; transparency and dedication to service with the thousands of members who have placed their trust in the entity throughout the years of the Association's history.



The commercial agent is a professional who promotes, negotiates or closes commercial transactions on behalf of one or several companies that they represent, in exchange for financial compensation and in a specific area. They act as an intermediary between the manufacturer and the trader.

To work as a commercial agent, you must register under section 511 of the IAE, which corresponds to the CNAE code 461 (Trade intermediaries) with different CNAE codes depending on your economic activity.

To register as a commercial agent, you must first submit the Censal Registration form 036 to the Tax Agency as either a company or a professional, whether you are a natural or legal person. Afterwards, you must enroll as a commercial agent

Since 1926, alongside commercial professionals


The Association of Commercial Agents of Barcelona is born.

1933 - 1944

COACB is one of the main promoters of the return of the Barcelona Fair.

COACB becomes a cooperating member of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.


Professional Colleges Law: The associations like our corporation gain autonomy. Declaration of the College as a public law corporation.


Inauguration of COACB's current headquarters, on April 22nd, located in Barcelona Casp, 130 Street

COACB creates the Private Foundation for Commercial Agency and Mediation (AMC) to offer specific training for commercial agents.

2004 - 2005

COACB becomes a member of the Internationally United Commercial Agents and Brokers (IUCAB).

Creation of the Sales Superior School (ESVEN), COACB's training center.
Launch of the professional contacts platform Agents&Brokers.

2007 - 2011

Creation of, the exclusive job offers platform for the commercial sector.

The Intercollegial Association of Professional Colleges of Catalonia is established, with COACB as vice presidency of the Board of Directors.

2015 - 2023

Campus Comercial is born, the online training platform for the commercial sector. The platform is renewed with the collaboration of the Chamber of Commerce.

Promotion of fairs and showrooms; spaces, digital services, creation of, incorporation of the COACB electric vehicle; acting as an international lobby...

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