Continuous training

More than 2,000 training hours and over 500 students attend courses each year at the Escola Superior de Vendes (ESVEN), the COACB's training center.



The College offers a comprehensive training program to its members through its training center, the Escola Superior de Vendes (ESVEN). The center, specialized in commercial and marketing education, focuses on professional development and employment opportunities for qualified individuals in the world of sales.

As a training center of the College, the Escola Superior de Vendes (ESVEN) offers and endorses the professionalism of its students, providing a university certification to the college members. The COACB has focused the ESVEN to offer training that is largely subsidized and/or free of charge for college members.

Official accreditation to carry out commercial activity with the necessary competencies and skills for proper professional development.

The virtual campus offers online training on topics such as business management, marketing, international trade, languages, and computer science, among others.

Training on diverse topics, subsidized and aimed at self-employed workers, employees under the General Regime, and unemployed individuals.

Monthly training capsules (hybrid and online) aimed at commercial professionals who wish to update and refresh their knowledge in different areas.

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