Commercial Platform

We connect companies and registered professionals from all sectors. is an initiative of COACB to add value to the profession and promote the importance of businesses working with registered sales professionals. It allows for a faster and more efficient connection than traditional in-person visits, and registration on the platform is free.

What does it offer?

To the stores:
  • Finding qualified and trustworthy registered sales professionals.

  • Accessing a directory of registered sales professionals from all professional sectors.

  • Receiving different quotes for the product you need.

To commercial agents: 
  • Acquiring new clients

  • Receiving business inquiries from businesses interested in buying your products via email.

  • Possibility for businesses to request direct contact with you.

  • Being part of a directory of registered sales professionals.


Register as a store and receive quotes from registered sales professionals.

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Sign up for Sales Platform and request quotes without any commitment.

Receive and compare quotes.

Save time and get multiple quotes from sales professionals.

Work with qualified professionals

Choose the quote that best suits your needs and place your order with a certified sales professional.