Transparency Portal

Public information of the College in accordance with the principle of transparency, which is incorporated from the community regulations into the management of Professional Associations.

Catalogue of Members

Check the list of active registered commercial agents and their public information through the Single Window of the General Council (CGAC). Anyone can access the catalog, check professional records and confirm that the professional belongs to a Professional Association.


Bústia de denúncies

As a public law corporation, the College is empowered to open disciplinary proceedings against its members, which are governed by the Ethics Committee. If you believe that a member of the College has engaged in malpractice in their activity, you can file a complaint with the COACB, which will study the specific case.

Make Your Claim

El principi de transparència es desenvolupa a l'article 11 de la  Llei 2/1974 , de 13 de febrer, sobre Col·legis Professionals, en la redacció donada per la Llei (Òmnibus) 25/2009, de 22 de desembre, de lliure prestació de serveis, i a la  Llei 19/2014, de 29 de desembre, de transparència, accés a la informació pública i bon govern , en allò aplicable als Col·legis Professionals en el compliment de les seves funcions públiques.

Colegial Regulations

The College of Commercial Agents of Barcelona is a public law corporation, with its own legal personality, created by Royal Decree of January 8, 1926, and has been functioning continuously since its foundation, which is governed by these Statutes, by Law 7/2006 of May 31, on the exercise of regulated professions and professional associations, and by other legal provisions applicable to it.

The COACB Statutes are published in the DOGC (Official Gazette of the Government of Catalonia), in RESOLUTION JUS/1329/2022, of May 2, which registers the Statutes of the College of Commercial Agents of Barcelona in the Register of professional associations of the Government of Catalonia.

The Code of Ethics of the commercial profession is mandatory for all members of the professional association and establishes a framework of general principles for the exercise of the profession. The Code of Ethics was approved by the Council of Professional Associations of Commercial Agents of Catalonia in a meeting held on May 6, 2003.

COACB Statutes   Code of Ethics

Corporate Social Responsability (CSR)

The College of Commercial Agents exercises a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) action in different areas: economic, emotional, and ethical. Check the annual summary.


COACB Memory

The collection of activities, agreements, services, training, and economic information carried out by the Col·legi d'Agents Comercials de Barcelona in the last year.

 2021 Memory